Welcome to the SpiderFish 2007 Photo Web Site

SpiderFish are a band from the very wonderful City of Leeds. As a bunch of 'seasoned' musicians, our influences are truly eclectic - rock, jazz, blues, funk it's all in there - yet we reckon we've a recognisable sound of our own. Check out our CD 'Tape And Angels' and see for yourself - or better still come and see us live.

There are some Mp3 samples (zipped) from our first album Tape & Angels, lyrics and other useful stuff you might want to know. Enjoy!

SpiderFish are: Robin on drums, Trevor on various bass guitars, T.C. on keyboards/vocals/guitar, John on guitars/sax/vocals/dancing!

Thanks to Mal for his years of inspiration and service to our little endeavour. You can find him here!

"Music is the best!" (FZ)

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